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On the north western shore of Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario, with a population of just over five million residents, sits the city of Toronto. It is by far the largest metropolis in all of Canada. The city is considered to be one of the financial capitals of the world, with the Toronto Stock Exchange being the world's seventh largest market. This guarantees that there are thousands of opportunities within the city in many different industries.

The city of Toronto is made up of five boroughs, which came together in the amalgamation of 1998. These include East York, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke and Old Toronto. Within these boroughs are numerous neighbourhoods, each having their own personality and many supporting different international populations. Toronto is one of the most multicultural centres in the entire world. A staggering forty-nine percent of the population was born outside of Canada. This means that not only is there somewhere for everyone to find a home within the city, from those seeking to live near others who share their culture to those that want privacy, but there is also most likely a place where they can bring together their native traditions and a more enjoyable lifestyle.

The architecture of Toronto is definitely something for the city to be proud of. It is a cornucopia of both the old and the new, with buildings dating back the middle of the 19th century standing beside construction sites for new structures not even yet in existence. Skyscrapers dominate the skies, with over 2000 buildings standing over ninety metres high. This makes Toronto only second to New York, which has over 5000. Of course, one of these is the CN Tower, which stood as the largest freestanding structure in the world until 2007, when the Burj Khalifa trumped it (and it still remains as the largest building in the Western Hemisphere.)

The "downtown" area of Toronto generally refers to Old Toronto and spans from just north of Bloor Street to Lake Ontario, the Don Valley Parkway to Bathurst Street. This section of the city contains many national headquarters of top Canadian companies, two of the country's top universities (Ryerson and the University of Toronto) and a large residential population. If you're looking life at the centre of it all in Canada, this is where you want to be.

There are over twenty districts that make up the downtown of Toronto with thousands of different house plans, ranging from the ritzy high classed life available in the Yorkville District to the bohemian organic feeling of Kensington Market. More and more people are also choosing to live in the modern condominiums that are sprouting near the water's edge in the Harbourfront and Entertainment Districts. Take a glimpse of the real estate offerings you can find in Toronto and get an idea of the prices you can expect to pay, and if you want to find out about mortgage approval speak to Easy House Loan an Etobicoke mortgage broker.

The term "having the world at your fingertips" is never truer than in the city of Toronto. For residents of the downtown core, you could walk home at the end of the day, take in dinner in one of the many international districts and spend the night at the theatre, one of many sporting events, an art show or have a shopping excursion. We're hoping with this site you will find less and less reasons not to take your life to the fast lane with a downtown home.

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